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CORPORATE PROFILE: Get Fit to Golf Pty Ltd (GFTG) trading as BioMech Labs (BML)

History of the Company

  • BML was first established by owner and founder Dr Ronald “Ron” Burke, in 2001 as an Australian Research and Development company; Get Fit to Golf Pty Ltd, with an initial focus on golf biomechanics optimization products and services.
  • On May 12, 2010 Ron decided to expand operations by forming a new startup company, based in the USA, to drive GFTG into the global market and to raise funds and handle marketing, promotion and sales on a global basis, forming Get Fit to Golf USA LLC, by the former President, Jon Taber. Company offices are currently located in Walnut Creek, California.
  • In May 2011 the company started trading as BioMech Labs USA LLC (BML) to focus on developing a wider product range in medical biotechnology, sports medicine, lifestyle, social media and technology fields.
  • In August 2011 Jim Crawford became Director of Sales for North America and Canada.
  • Get Fit to Golf Pty Ltd (GFTG), is now a division of Get Fit to Golf USA LLC trading as BioMech Labs with a focus on golf biomechanics optimization and education products and services.
  • In October 24th 2011 Jon Taber resigned as President taking compassionate leave and Jim Crawford was appointed Acting President and CEO of GFTG / BML.
  • Dr Ron Burke is a member of the Board of Directors.
  • The current shareholders of BML USA are the founders of GFTG Pty Ltd.
  • The company currently is in the process of promoting expansion into markets in North America, Asia, Europe and South Africa using a combination of strategic alliances, partnerships and sponsorships with golf teaching federations, golf associations, and large golf equipment, accessory, clothing and footware companies.
  • Ron Burke, Chairman of GFTG USA assisted by a an Operations Manager, oversees and controls the day-to-day sales, delivery and use of GFTG products to users in global markets.
  • BML USA is operated and managed by experts in online and offline communication, social media and conventional promotions, sales, distribution and business management.


BML and GFTG Products and Services

  • BioMech Labs (BML) is an internet company that develops and integrates innovative and advanced online technology and software solutions into user friendly, cost effective and real-time remedial products for the medical, sport, fitness and lifestyle industries.
  • BML products optimize biomechanics for the purpose of improving sports medical treatment, sports health and sports performance in athletes, amateurs and leisure activities through our unique products, services and global distribution systems. The result is better training, injury prevention and treatment through our cost effective and user friendly solutions to costly health problems.
  • BML / GFTG products and services; educational videos and text files, online sales and delivery systems; user surveys and interactive customer service functions are fully developed and available for immediate access through the Internet 24 x 7 through four web sites containing over 1,500 pages of content.

  • More than 59% of all golf courses are located in North America so GFTG USA is ideally situated to seize market share and revenues.


What is the Mission and Vision of BML?

  • Mission: To establish a totally integrated software, biomedical engineering, biomechanics and technology company specializing in advanced sports, health, medical and lifestyle products and services that we can deliver to the general public on a mass scale online and to professional industries at a much lower cost to the consumer.
  • What We Offer: Simple yet technologically advanced solutions to common medical and sports medicine related problems, including sport performance optimization, sport biomechanics and injury rehabilitation that are not only cost efficient but easily implemented compared to other complicated and costly solutions on the market.


What is the Mission and Vision of GFTG?

  • The Mission of GFTG is to promote and instigate golf teaching and training tools through golf biomechanics fitness awareness among both professional and amateur golfers around the world guided by the principle of: “Better Body, Better Golf™”. Using GFTG’s unique online assessments, corrective plans and training programs golfers will achieve lower golf scores through an improved golf swing and better biomechanical fitness.

  • The Vision of GFTG is to become the most widely recognized and used biomechanics analysis and fitness program for the golfing public, golf professionals and related businesses.


How Does the GFTG ChiroFit™ System Work?

  • The GFTG website and the ChiroFit™ Program helps golfers improve their golf swing, strength, balance, consistency and self-esteem while achieving social and lifestyle changes; better health, and athletic goals.

  • The ChiroFit™ Program is a unique system of personalized fault assessments, remedial actions, and periodic reassessments make sure that clients stay on track and reach their fitness and golfing goals.

  • BML / GFTG products are designed to support the initial and advanced golf training curriculum of golf pros and certified golf teachers.

  • Golf pros and teachers use BML / GFTG products to help their clients achieve desired results in the shortest possible time and least effort.

  • GFTG products are designed to support the initial and advanced golf training curriculum of golf pros and certified golf teachers.

  • Golf pros and teachers use BML / GFTG products to help their clients achieve desired results in the shortest possible time and with the least effort as well as cost efficiency.



  • Dr Ron Burke, Chairman and Founder of GFTG Pty Ltd and BML.
  • Jim Crawford, Acting President of BML USA LLC
  • To read more about Dr Ron Burke and Jim Crawford >> CLICK HERE



If you or your partner would like to become a BML / Get Fit to Golf partner by investing in the company, sponsorships or advertising please contact Jim Crawford at BioMech Labs USA LLC. See contact details below.

CONTACT BML USA LLC and Get Fit to Golf
The company's corporate offices, marketing and international sales offices are located at:

Jim Crawford
BioMech Labs / Get Fit to Golf USA LLC

PO BOX 4304
Walnut Creek CA 94596
Main Office: Sacramento, CA 95826 USA
Cell: +1-530-277-1854
Skype: jim.crawford123

emailJim Crawford

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