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Rear view muscle groupsThe ChiroFit Program works by isolating weak muscles that are leading to postural distortions that cause muscular imbalance at the joints and eventually postural faults and musculoskeletal problems. TheChiroFit Program improves health by stimulating circulation, through facilitating muscular flexibility and joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment. In addition it promotes new muscular memory, heightened body awareness and improved coordination. ChiroFit Program teaches you how to exercise effectively, and by doing this you prevent further re-injury and may even alleviate chronic pain.

The ChiroFit Program stimulates the deeper muscle groups, strengthens and lengthens the muscles, and balances spinal musculature. By doing this you align the vertebra, improving posture and relieving nerve and disc pressure. As mentioned previously, this action on the muscles stimulates and facilitates healthy circulation to the damaged spinal tissue. The pelvic and spinal stabilisation work helps repair the body for the rehabilitation of weak and damaged areas effectively. Your posture will be restored and your musculoskeletal activity will be in balance and harmony. You will develop an awareness of how you are moving, and how your body movement affects your function, and with relation to golf, how posture and spinal movement are so important for a good athletic ability and improving your overall golf game.

Many of the exercises may look familiar to you when you use the ChiroFit Program but the program is teaching you to exercise correctly. This way you will retrain your own old muscle habits, improve muscle memory, coordinate the movement of the spine and improve your posture. The idea is that you are strengthening and relaxing particular muscle groups. You control some muscles and improve the work of others while relaxing some.

The ChiroFit Program helps poor posture, muscle weakness, stiffness and overall postural improvement of musculoskeletal health and will improve your energy, injuries and generally a better lifestyle through better movement. These problems can arise through long periods of inactivity, sitting in office chairs, commuting in cars etc. Also if you are playing a sport like golf, if you keep on playing with musculoskeletal faults eventually your body will be pushed past its elastic limit causing injury, pain and obviously a poor golf game. Our body favours the big muscle groups to carry out most activities. If the smaller muscles aren't working effectively eventually these muscle groups will break down. This will lead to poor posture causing neck pain, shoulder tension, upper back pain, lower back pain, pelvis instability and a host of other injuries. From a golfing point of view it will alter the spine angle, your centre of gravity, centre of balance and obviously your swing faults will develop from here.

The ChiroFit Program teaches you to exercise the whole body in a new way. You are not just exercising the same muscle groups, but are isolating the weak muscles that are causing the postural distortions and in turn are leading to injuries, poor musculoskeletal activity and improper balance. We focus on the following main areas that are the pelvis, sacrum, lower abdominals, thoracic, chest, shoulders, cervical, and neck. These are the main junctions of the body and when these areas are working in harmony, they are strong, mobile and aligned your, body balance will be evenly distributed throughout the musculature creating less expenditure of energy and you will not be trying to compensate for poor posture, or poor musculoskeletal activity that is going to lead to an injury, a poor swing, incorrect spine angle and ultimately golfing faults.

When the body moves freely without restriction, you have more energy and are able to breath easier, our body is working in harmony and we feel a lot more relaxed. The postural habits we have established have been in our bodies for a long time so it will take some time to create new habits.

The ChiroFit Program can be done at home at your own pace. Every person is different and you will progress at your own level as the program is broken up into 3 main areas: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Every 3 months we urge you to complete a reassessment to monitor your progress so that your level of exercise difficulty and the types of exercises can by adjusted to your changing needs.

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