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You will be given your own personalised fitness program catering to your own posture, muscle and swing faults, called the ChiroFit™ Program. Your ChiroFit™ Program will consist of easy to follow, low impact stretches and exercises targeting the specific areas of your body that are affecting your swing. Unlike other golf fitness programs that tell you to do the same exercise to both sides of your body, the ChiroFit™ Program is designed to point out which individual muscles may be too tight or weak and then target those areas to eventually develop a more balanced body. Other aspects of your physical health, such as weight problems, fitness level, injuries, back problems and the need for orthotics, are also analysed and extra exercises and advice given in the areas found that need more focus. This is how the ChiroFit™ Program is customised to your individual needs.

Sample Results Summary

PLEASE NOTE: The following is a made-up sample ChiroFit™ Program only. All the elements of the program in the right column would be normally linked to specific exercise programs for that area or detailed information or both.

Congratulations, Jack.
You now have your own personal ChiroFit™ Program. Please click on the links in the right column in the order given to you below to access your program. Most of these links lead to a main page focusing on a problem area that then lists links to your particular exercises for that problem area. Use the back button on your browser to get back to these main pages from the exercises and to this page. We have also provided a printer friendly print page that you can access by the red button at the bottom of the navigation menu.

Please make sure you read the INSTRUCTIONS and DISCLAIMER before you proceed with your exercise program.

Your ChiroFit level starts at... Beginner
Read this first! Instructions & safety advice
Warm up & cool down on the golf course Exercises
Component A - Posture Exercises Hollow Back
Component B - Swing Exercises Slicing
Component C - Extras for other problem areas

Trunk Flexibility
Lower Back
Muscle Strength

Diet and Nutrition Tips Read
How to progress to next level Next Level
Back to your Results Summary page

This personalized ChiroFit™ Program has been developed to cater to your individual needs based on your postural and muscle faults other physical criteria. By following your individual step-by-step training program you will be able to strengthen your problem areas on your body affecting your golf swing. You can only achieve the best results by regularly participating in your ChiroFit™ Program. If you stick to it you will ultimately correct your major swing fault and thus improve your golf game and reduce the possibility of golf related injuries in the future.

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