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Many golfers are being taught to try to compensate for any muscle or biomechanical faults but this is not treating the underlying problem and encourages bad habits to develop, especially if their problem areas constantly change. In some cases these problems will only get worse if not treated and may affect their health in general. Whereas, Get Fit to Golf treats the underlying problems causing the faults and tries to get the body into better shape and balance so that the golfer can have the best possible physical chance of hitting that ball correctly and consistently.

Ron Burke, Australian inventor of the ChiroFit program, believes from experience and research that it doesn't matter how much a golfer spends on lessons or equipment as if they have a poor posture, muscle imbalance or some other biomechanical problem, they won't be able to hit a golf ball square to a target and they will hook, slice, push or pull the ball.

Get Fit to Golf doesn't teach golfers how to hit a ball or have the correct stance but its aim is to show where a golfer is going wrong physically. The idea is for individuals to become aware of their physical problems and to combine the diagnosis and personalised fitness program they receive from this Web site with lessons from professional golfers, and other medical help, if that is needed.

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