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Unbalanced SkeletonThere are a range of different problems which can affect a golf swing including displaced hips, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, shoulder pain, spinal problems, fallen arches in the feet, one leg shorter than the other, hunchback and back pain, and existing or past injuries. These can all affect your balance, centre of gravity and posture, as well as restricting your movement, and directly affecting your golf swing.

The way Get Fit to Golf diagnoses your physical faults is through a series of online questionnaires that are part of the self-assessment process consisting of simple tests that can be done at home to build up your swing, muscle and posture profile. The data is then analysed and a major swing fault and posture fault is determined as well as muscle problems, current fitness level and any extra problems found. From these results a personalised health and fitness program, the ChiroFit Program, is devised that concentrates on specific health problems and muscles groups that are too tight or weak, that are causing the posture faults and thus producing a swing fault.

In many cases, a muscle on one side of the body is weaker than the same muscle on the opposite side. The Chirofit Program advises specific stretches and exercises to strengthen the weak side only to get both sides of the body in balance. This is where Get Fit to Golf differs from many golf fitness programs where both sides of the body are exercised, keeping the imbalances intact. Other web sites and books give general exercises to everybody, which will not correct and individuals specific problem. Get Fit to Golf will discover what YOUR individual problem areas are and design a fitness solution for YOU ONLY.

Get Fit to Golf helps golfers become aware of underlying health problems that they may not have been aware of or didn't know they were contributing to a poor swing. Ultimately the Web site is designed to help golfers play better golf, lower their score, to improve their health and fitness and prevent injury.

For more detailed information about biomechanics and your swing please read on. The Biomechanics section of the site is all about how muscle and posture faults can cause swing faults.

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