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DR RONALD BURKE (Doctor of Chiropractic), Founder and Chairman of Get Fit to Golf Pty Ltd, Get Fit to Golf USA LLC dba BioMech LabsRon Burke

Dr Ronald "Ron" Burke has been a chiropractor of over 30 years experience with a strong interest in back care with a focus on sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Ron has worked with some of the leading athletes in Australia over the years to help achieve sporting excellence. Over the past 12 years he has further focused his interests in golf biomechanics and has treated many amateur and professional golfers with the most notable being Bobby Locke and currently Nikki Garrett, 2006 Ladies European Tour Rookie of the Year and in May 2007 won Back-to-Back Ladies European Tour titles.

Ron first became interested in the importance of posture and spine angle in golf when he was introduced to Bobby Locke. Ron treated Bobby Locke for a back condition over 30 years ago when he was playing in a senior tournament in Australia. Bobby discussed with Ron how important a good back and posture was in golf and the fact that most golfers are unaware that they may have a physical problem affecting their swing.

Even though 30 years have passed now, instructors and magazines still stress that good spine angle is important, but they still do not focus on the underlying causes of the physical problems or how to correct them.

That is why Ron decided in 1998 to undertake research into this area with the aim of eventually creating a simple to understand and online assessment program. The program would determine the ability of a golfer and to show how incorrect posture and spine angle affects the golfer’s game. The program would determine a golfer's physical and biomechanical faults and then produce a unique personalized health and fitness solution to correct those biomechanical faults, bring their body and muscles back in to balance, and improve their golf swing. The result is the ChiroFit™ program, the world’s first online golf biomechanics analysis and correctional tool.

Highlights in Ron Burke’s background include:

  • Received Doctor of Chiropractic degree.
  • Wrote several articles on golf health, biomechanics and fitness for The Golfer Newspaper and USGTF Golf Teaching Pro magazine.
  • Keynote Speaker at Professional Edge Golf conferences on Golf Biomechanics.
  • Keynote Speaker at an AGTF Seminar on golf biomechanics.
  • Conducted radio interviews for ABC National and ABC local radio on golf biomechanics.
  • Conducted an online seminar for the USGTF on Golf Biomechanics for USGTF members.
  • Started and introduced 1st expo in Australia promoting natural health and alternative medicine "Naturally Health."
  • One of the first chiropractors to integrate a sports medicine rehabilitation centre
  • Has worked with Nikki Garrett, one of Australia's leading women’s golfers. Please see:
  • Has worked with several categories of leading sports people
    • Golf pros
    • Davies Cup players
    • Olympic athletes
    • World surfing champions
    • Pro boxers
    • Pro footballers
    • Disabled golfer ranked top 10 in world...Brad Hardman - only disabled aboriginal golfer in the world
  • Ran sport rehabilitation centres and testing lab... worked with leading Australian athletes (triathletes, long distance and ultra marathon runners)
  • Is a key innovator and visionary in his field.
  • Looks for GFTG to be the leader in the field of golf biomechanics, golf fitness and training.
  • Is currently working on new concepts to improve GFTG and take it to the next level with a 3-D analysis formats.
  • Has always loved golf and play golf in his spare.
  • Has been married for 13 years.


Ron Burke, ChiropractorMuscle Imbalance = Poor Posture = Poor Swing

Ron developed his philosophy by analyzing a golfer’s swing from a purely biomechanical point of view:

  1. How does your posture affect your swing?

  2. Can it cause you to hook, slice, hit the ball fat, or thin, etc?

The answer was yes! As your posture changes so does your swing plane (the angle that the golf club swings round the body).

Then Ron looked at variations in a golfer’s posture. Can the variations relate to golf swing faults? ...Yes, they are definitely related to every swing fault!

He looked at every posture and muscle imbalance and came up with a simple formula or equation to analyze physical faults related to golf swing faults. Ron found that if you can maintain a constant posture and spine angle through a golf swing or “shot,” you will be able to repeat the same swing and return the club face square to the target line.

He also looked at the golf swings and resulting performance of well known golf champions past and present; from Ben Hogan, to Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, and others. Even though they have variations in their swings at first glance, if you break their golf swing down they all have something in common. At the impact zone they have maintained good posture, spine angle and balance, and they are able to repeat this, over and over again.

This is how Get Fit to Golf (GFTG) and the ChiroFit™ Program was born.

Ron Burke’s philosophy can be expanded to say that if you want to improve your golf game, your golf swing training and analysis should have a physical component. You want to have your golf swing analyzed from a biomechanical standard and then fit it to your game.

The website offers easy access to the GFTG online assessment process which will highlight and analyze your golf swing faults, rotational flexibility and etc. You can then download a tailor-made, easy to use program to be completed online.

The Bottom Line: All it takes is 30 minutes of posture balancing three times a week to dramatically change your golf swing and improve your game for life.


JIM CRAWFORD, Acting President & CEO

Jim CrawfordJim Crawford has been successfully marketing and selling products for more than 40 (forty) years. Further, he founded and managed J Crawford Enterprises Inc., a sales company and operated it in Northern California for 24 years. Jim has sold products in a variety of international markets. Throughout his career he has been recognized for delivering unparalleled customer services. His areas of expertise include: employee management, business management, customer problem solving, new product introductions, finding a need and filling it, finding new customers, advanced computer and Internet search and data mining.

In addition to J Crawford Enterprises, Jim has worked with Diamond Wire Technologies, Premier Corp., and 3M Co.
Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from San Jose State University. He was a member of Rotary International for 10 (ten) years, and President of the Sunnyvale, California Rotary Club from 1990-1991.


ANDREW CARTLEDGE, Golf Business Development Manager

Jon Taber PresidentAndrew Cartledge is an International Golf Teaching professional who specialises in Junior development and academies and is active in training golf teaching professionals.

He is a Master teaching Professional with the World Golf Teachers Federation and was voted in the Top 100 teaching professionals worldwide in 2010.

Andrew is also a director of the Australian Golf Academy with branches in Hong Kong and Malaysia and China and is a consultant to Get Fit To Golf.

As a young amateur player he was exceptional at an early age and won 5 Ballarat District Junior Championships and represented the State of Victoria. Later to this he recorded 12 Creswick Golf Club championship wins and a never beaten course record 62.

Andrew chose never to attempt to try to play professionally at any stage instead preferring to follow his passion to teach golf to the highest levels.



ROGER PODMORE, Golf Affiliate Manager

Roger PodmoreDirector of Golf, Golf Biomechanics Golf Academy and Master Golf Teacher for Aussie Golf Solutions.

40 years experience and Master Golf Teacher.

Master Teacher of Golf Biomechanics Roger has over 30,000 hours of teaching experience with beginners, all grades of golfers including Tournament Professionals, Amputees, Disabled and Blind people.

Roger is also a Master Teacher in Golf Biomechanics and has helped Amputees like Shane Luke win four out of the last six Australian Amputee Championships.

Roger has been teaching Tournament Professionals, A, B, C and Junior Champions and beginners for over thirty years. Roger’s family has been teaching Golf for over 75 years and most Senior Golfers remember his father Bill who was regarded as one of Australia’s best Teachers.

Visit Roger Podmore's website >>


Jim Crawford
BioMech Labs USA LLC

PO BOX 4304
Walnut Creek CA 94596 USA
Cell: +1-530-277-1854
Skype: jim.crawford123

emailJim Crawford

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