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Get Fit to Golf will analyse your golf game and swing and take in consideration your body type and posture to determine your main swing fault. The ChiroFit Program will design a specific swing fault exercise program that will concentrate on strengthening week or tight muscle groups that are contributing to your swing fault. These stretches and exercises will help you achieve and maintain a balanced body.


Please do try these exercises without receiving your whole fitness program and safety instructions. These are only examples of exercises and do not relate to you individually.

If you were found to have a weak / tight psoas you would be given the following stretches and exercise. This would be part of the individual swing fault component of your ChiroFit program which might consist of about 10 muscle groups that would be concentrated on. (These exercises may apply to your left side or right side or both sides depending on your individual problems). Some muscle groups may have a series of exercises and stretches that will need to be done. If you were found to be of minimum fitness, then you will start your ChiroFit program at LEVEL 1 (Beginners), so you do not participate in any exercises that may be beyond your current limitations.

You will be able to print out your own exercises so that you can do your ChiroFit program away from the computer in the comfort of your own home, office or local gym or fitness centre.

Sample only
LEVEL 1 (Beginners)


Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart put your hands on your hips or on a support. Take the leg on the side to be stretched behind the body approximately 2 feet distance, with your toes on the floor and heel off. Keep the hips square to the front of you. Now slightly bend the front knee as you squeeze and tilt your pelvis under and forward. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds then release. Repeat 3 times.

Lay on your back on the floor with your hands palm down on the floor beside your hips. To strengthen your left, draw you right heel towards the buttocks with bend knee and foot on the floor. Ensure abdominal muscles are contracted and lower back remains in contact with the floor at all times. Raise your left STRAIGHT leg up as far as 90 degrees, or as much as comfortable, then lower SLOWLY and CONTROLLED without touching down on the floor until you have done 8 to 10 repetitions, then release down. (Do the opposite for strengthening the right, i.e.. draw you left heel towards the buttocks etc.) Repeat three times.

Start Position
Hold Position

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